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OOK-TEK V8 KickScooter Electric Scooter - 33km/h electric bike kick scooter

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Get to your destination quickly and efficiently with the V8 KickScooter from OOK-TEK. This scooter is powerful and sturdy despite its lightweight design, weighing only 12kg. The V8 is perfect for both smooth asphalt and light off-road terrain, capable of handling small stones and up to a 15% incline with ease.

The V8 offers a comfortable ride with its honeycomb tires on both the front and rear, which are puncture-resistant and equipped with an additional gel band on the inside to prevent flats. The scooter comes fully equipped with front and rear lights, a front drum brake, and a rear electronic brake (which also functions even if the front brake fails for any reason).

OOK-TEK V8 has a maximum speed of 33km/h (delivered locked at 25km/h but can be unlocked) and a range of up to 33 km on a single charge. The scooter can be folded for convenient storage or transport on a bus or in the car.

With this scooter, you won't have to worry about flat tires, as it comes with Honeycomb tires made of solid rubber material that doesn't require inflation.

Please note: This scooter is not approved as a bicycle and can only be ridden on private property or enclosed areas. The manufacturer advises against riding in puddles/rain or exposing the scooter to water, and the warranty does not cover any water damage. Unlocking the speed limit is done at the rider's own risk, and you should adhere to the regulations and rules regarding using electric scooters in traffic.

Never carry more than one person on the electric scooter!

Design: The electric scooter features an elegant dark gray finish and sturdy 8.5-inch honeycomb tires for a comfortable ride even on uneven terrain.

Performance: This electric scooter offers a range of up to 33 kilometers and can reach speeds of up to 33 kilometers per hour, depending on factors such as weight, terrain, and battery level.

App Control: You can monitor your speed and battery level directly through the app.

Brakes: The scooter is equipped with two brakes: a rear electric brake and a reliable front drum brake.

LED Lights: The scooter has both front and rear lights for visibility, as well as a flashing rear brake light.

Display: You can check the remaining battery level and current speed on the information display on the dashboard.


  • Up to 33km on a single charge (depending on weight and terrain)
  • Up to 33km/h top speed (depending on weight and terrain)
  • Maximum weight capacity of 120kg
  • 10.4Ah rechargeable battery
  • Charging time: 4 to 6 hours

Quick Facts:

  • Up to 33km/h (unlocking required)
  • Up to 33km range on a single charge
  • Convenient app for usage
  • Foldable for easy transport

    Note! The product will be shipped in 3-6 working days.